Working with Dreams

Working with a Physical Dream

Many dreams deal with the functioning of the physical world. Some of the topics of physical zone dreams are:

Daily residue: You watch a scary movie before bed, argue with your mate, or bring a problem home from work, then continue to process it in a dream.

Health and healing: You receive information about a disturbance in your energy flow, or body, so you can avoid a budding health problem.

Skill development: You accelerate your learning by practicing in your dreams a new ability you’re trying to learn in waking life.

Problem solving and decision making: You receive guidance so you can proceed in your life. An interior designer needed an innovative focal point for a large wall and dreamed of using ladders in an odd, interesting arrangement.

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Recognize emotional symbols

With a little practice, you can figure out how to immediately sense the “charge” that’s often present with emotional zone symbols. Here are some examples of images that pertain to emotional processes:

State of your emotions: Water, lake, ocean, river, pool, swamp, flood, tidal wave, swimming, diving, fishing, drowning, boats, rafts, water vehicles, fire, house burning, forest or brush fire, campfire, fire in a fireplace, smoke, explosion, storm, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, volcano, mudslide

Emotional processes and issues: Babies, children, fish, snakes, lions, tigers, bears, sharks, dolphins, puppies, hummingbirds, otters, horses, elephants, sex, relationships, celebrities, battle, betrayal, hiding, hoarding, being drained, being chased, exposure, nudity, poison, suffocation, paralysis, prison, weapon, trap, losing or finding important
items or money

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Working with a Mental-Spiritual Dream

Many dreams deal with patterns and processes in your mental and spiritual realms. Some of the topics of mental-spiritual zone dreams are:

Extrasensory perception: You develop expanded perception, like clairvoyance, telepathy, time travel, materialization, teleportation, spiritual healing, and enlightenment to find a higher viewpoint.

Mental clutter: You become aware of fixed mental beliefs, worries, and rigid ideas, as well as information that doesn’t belong to you, so you can dissolve it and expand into greater self-expression.

Guidance: You receive instructions or guidance, often from historical figures, spiritual guides, dead relatives, or animals, to know how to proceed or that you are supported.

Teaching others: You teach others so you can see how wise you really are.

Creativity: You experience creative genius to remind you of your potential and how much you love innovation and artistic expression.

Spiritual awakening: You learn to regulate your awareness to open to more enlightenment.

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Interdimensional communication: You connect with loved ones who’ve died, historical figures, extraterrestrials, or your soulgroup (people who feel like spiritual family) as a way to remember your multidimensional nature.

Parallel realities: You explore other worlds and parallel realities that reveal new aspects of yourself. A housewife had regular dreams about being part of a mission impossible-style team in which she was a courageous, undercover operative. She realized she was smarter and had more power than she thought.

Global-collective visions: You see trends and events that pertain to the earth and people as a whole over long periods of history and into the future.

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