To dream of the zodiac is a prognostication of unparalleled rise in material worth, but also indicates alloyed peace and happiness.

To see it appearing weird, denotes that some untoward grief is hovering over you and it will take strenuous efforts to dispell it. To study the zodiac in your dreams, denotes that you will gain distinction and favor by your intercourse with strangers.

If you approach it or it approaches you, foretells that you will succeed in your speculations to the wonderment of others and beyond your wildest imagination.

To draw a map of it, signifies future gain.

Some oneiric oracles claim that dreaming of zodiac signs foretells that you will soon emigrate.

Mystical significance: Mystical significance:
The zodiac is a system of archetypes that together describe the human experience as a function of twelve different styles or sensibilities. While not everyone believes in the validity of astrology, these archetypes are embedded in the collective consciousness of the Western world. If you dream about any aspect of the zodiac, you are being invited to consider archetypal thinking.

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