To dream that you are painting your toenails refers to your confidence in your pursuits and where you are headed in life. Alternatively, the dream means that you care about how you present yourself to others. In other words, you tend to worry about what people think of you.

To dream that your toenail falls off suggests that you are overlooking a small but important issue.

To dream that you are trimming your toenails means that you are reevaluating your path in life.

If you dream that your toenails are dark and discolored, then it indicates regret in some decision you made or in some action that you took.

To dream that your toe nails are growing symbolize an extension of your understanding in a particular matter. If your toenails are extremely long, then it suggests that you are reluctant to move forward in some endeavor.

If you dream of trimming or cutting someone else’s toenails, then it indicates that you are trying to be on your best behavior around this person. You do not want to offend this person or overstep your boundaries.

Dreaming that someone is cleaning your toenails suggests that this person is indebted to you in some way.

Dreaming of having your fingernails or toenails done signifies your need for some pampering or a hint to yourself to pay attention to the details.

To dream of looking at or cleaning your toes or toenails means you pay attention to detail, and your appearance and hygiene matter a lot to you.

To dream of smashing or breaking a toe symbolizes big pain that will pass quickly or a minor problem that has caused major inconvenience.

To dream that you have beautiful, perfectly manicured toenails means you have a good reputation, and people find you attractive.

If one stubs a toenail, carelessness may have caught up with the person.



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