To dream of a queen, foretells succesful ventures. If she looks old or haggard, there will be disappointments connected with your pleasures.

Dreaming You are a Queen

This could mean that you have a desire to be in charge. It can mean that you feel called to be a leader and to lead others into victory or a better situation in the world.

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Dreaming of Being a Servant to a Queen

You may feel like your talents are going unused or that you are not fully appreciated for who you are. You may feel as if you are serving others in some aspect of your life.

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Running Away from a Queen

Dreams of being chased are common, and often are a symbol of being afraid of something. You may be worried about taking on new responsibilities or stepping into a leadership position in your career or other event in your life.

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Beheading by A Queen

If you dream of being beheaded by a queen, or a queen shouting, “Off With Their Heads!”, it could potentially mean that you feel as if you are being treated injustly or that you are being punished. You may not be fully seeing the truth in a situation.

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Queen of Hearts

To see the queen of hearts in your dream represents your pompous and arrogant attitude.

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