To see a python in your dream represents lurking danger, sin, lacking freedom and overt sexuality. The symbol may also parallel a waking relationship where you are feeling constricted and confined. Alternatively, a python may signify your determination.

Pythons in dreams embody the power to dominate a situation by having a potent grasp on it.

If, in your dream, the python is not a menacing but a benevolent presence, it is likely to be a reminder of your power to cope with a challenge by wrapping yourself around it.

Pythons can also represent people or situations who are trying to put the squeeze on you in waking life. For example, a jealous lover who watches your every move or a financial commitment that limits your freedom to spend.

To see a python kill its prey suggests that you are feeling emotionally stressed and anxious. You are being suffocated in some area of your life.

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