If one of your favorite leisure activities featured in your dream, your unconscious may have chosen this image to send you a useful message.

Your dreaming mind may have been urging you to take some time out of your busy schedule for the things you love to do. It could also have been suggesting ways in which you could improve your experience or become more accomplished at it.

If, however, the leisure activity in your dream is something you wouldn’t dream of doing during your waking hours, then the chances are that your unconscious was referring to your current approach to life.

For example, dreams in which you are playing chess may emphasize your concern with intellectual development or competition.

For Freudians, dreams that feature a preoccupation with leisure pursuits are potent symbols of sexual excitement.

Jungians, however, would see dream leisure activities as a mirror of your spiritual aspirations.

The associations between your dream scenario and your waking situation will often be clear, but if you are uncertain about what is meant by your dream, this chapter may be of assistance to you.

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