Fuel as Energy

Fuel is a source of energy. Seeing fuel in a dream is definitely a sign that you may want to think about your current energy levels in your life. The context of how you experienced fuel in the dream is going to give you a lot of clues about how you feel about your current energy.

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Needing to Recharge

We often see gas stations as a place to rest and recharge.

When we are driving on a road trip, it’s not uncommon to stop at a gas station to get a break from driving and fuel up not only in our cars but also to get a drink or a snack to keep our physical body going.

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Running Out of Fuel

Dreaming that you are running out of fuel while driving may mean something deeper beyond just needing a break or needing to recharge in your personal life.

Often times, this may symbolize that you feel that things are overwhelming or out of control.

Afterall, if your car does not have gas in it, you cannot make it go anywhere, no matter how hard you may try!

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Letting Things Go to Waste

Gasoline is a very expensive commodity, especially with so many fluctuations and variables in the oil market industry.

If you dream of fuel being spilled this may suggest that you are letting something go to waste.

Are there opportunities in your life currently that you may not be using fully?

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Passion & Volatility

Fuel is a very volatile substance and highly flammable – just the vapors alone are able to combust.

If you see gasoline burning in a dream, it could suggest that you have very passionate feelings about something.

However, bear in mind a fire started with gasoline often begins abruptly and fiercely – but it is not something which lasts forever.

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