Dreaming of a Nest of Eggs

Often times we can see a nest of eggs in our dreams. If you see a nest of snake eggs or crocodile eggs, it may mean you have feelings of anxiety, fear, or uncertainty about the results of a situation.

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Eggs as a Breakfast Food

Eggs are a common breakfast food, and we often associate them with being a good source of protein and other healthy nutrients our bodies may need. Dreaming that you are eating a plate of eggs could mean you are nurturing yourself or doing something in your current life that makes you feel rejuvenated and renewed.

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Gathering Eggs

If you dream of a chicken coop and gathering eggs, you may feel like it is time to see the rewards of all of your efforts in work or personal life. If you have been working hard at something, this could mean you are ready to see the results and enjoy the harvest of all of your efforts.

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Broken Eggs in Dreams

Occasionally, we will see eggs as being broken in our dreams. There is an expression, “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket”, and occasionally, dreaming of broken eggs can mean that you are relying too much on one thing. You may need to explore alternates or having a backup plan in your endeavors.

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Dreaming of Dyed and Painted Eggs

Dyeing eggs is a very common Easter tradition. Seeing painted eggs or dyed eggs can be a symbol of celebration of life.

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