Eating With Others

To be eating with others can symbolize happiness, friendship, and joy.

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Eating Alone

To be eating alone in your dream symbolizes loneliness or that something is “eating at you”, such as a problem you are facing in waking life.

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Eating on a Date

Are you on a date with someone? Are you eating food together? If the dream was a positive one, it could mean you are looking to share your life with someone. If you were eating with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you may want to look at the meaning for dreaming of an ex.

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Eating Fruit

To be eating fruit can symbolize prosperity, fertility, or personal gains in your life.

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Overeating in your dream symbolizes that you are taking on too much, whether in your career or other aspects of your personal life. It can also symbolize that you are trying to compensate for the lack of something else in your life, such as a relationship.

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Under eating

Under eating in your dreams symbolizes that you are not getting the fulfillment in life that you need, whether it be spiritually or in your career or in your relationships. It may be an indication of something lacking in your life, or no longer getting enjoyment from something you used to.

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Eating Non-Food Items

To dream of eating things which are not normally considered food suggests that you are not being fulfilled and your desires are not healthy for you. There may be a deficiency in your life. It could also mean you are not balanced or something is not quite right with how you are doing things.

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Eating Contest

To dream that you are in an eating contest suggests that you are lacking a social life. You are turning to food as a companion. Consider also the type of food you are eating to determine which area of your life is severely lacking. Alternatively, the dream highlights your ability to process emotions quickly.

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