Part horse, part human, the centaur combines human intelligence and warmth with the characteristics of the horse. In dreams, it may appear as a caution against hasty activity or behavior. It may also represent the fusion of the horse’s strength and stamina with a human’s intellect and skills; the result is a successful union between the conscious and the unconscious minds, something for which your dream may be urging you to aim, particularly if the centaur was holding a bow and arrow.

To see a centaur in your dream symbolizes the duality of human nature. The centaur also represents humanity, wisdom, and compassion.

It indicates that you are trying to balance your intellectual/mental nature with your physical nature.

The centaur is also the symbol of the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, so could your dream have been referring to someone you know who was born under that sign?

A centaur, or any other creature having a human head and an animal body, may represent a (needed) union of head and body, ‘spiritual’ and ‘animal’ or sensuous, conscious and unconscious. The dream is probably telling you to set about integrating contents of your unconscious psyche into your conscious life.
Alternatively it may represent a (needed) union of the masculine and feminine sides of your psyche.

This combines the archetypal meaning of powerful, masculine energy with the intellect and reasoning capacity of a human being. A creature that attaches the legs of a goat to a male torso brings dark sexual energy together with the masculine principle and is often considered a guide for bringing you from one place to brand-new territory. Such an image in a dream is calling upon the aspirational influence to face some difficult circumstance in your life with greater skill and power.

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