In Western culture Buddha is thought of as a benevolent sage. Unless the dreamer has other, more specific associations, a dream about a Buddha may be a sign that the dreamer desires the blessings of wisdom, insight, or compassion.

To see the Buddha or a Buddha-like figure in your dreams can symbolize inner peace, compassion, or wisdom—any common or personal association with Buddha or Buddhism. It can symbolize a philosophical frame of mind.
Buddha is one of a pantheon of spiritual figures that appear in dreams for the same purpose as a psychopomp, or guide of souls. It shows your potential. You might not find Enlightenment like the Buddha and go down in history, but you can be more patient and compassionate and Buddhalike in your own way.

A Buddha figure will probably signify either your true self or the wisdom that lies in the unconscious and beyond reach until you resolve to get better acquainted with your psyche, or the healing required for your conflict-ridden psyche. In this case, the Buddha may also symbolize the wholeness which is the end-result of the healing process, bringing all the previously warring forces of the psyche into a harmonious coexistence and cooperation.

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