Bubbles can represent anything from a womb (especially if one dreams of emerging from a bubble), to merriment (a glass of “bubbly”) to disenchantment (bursting one’s bubble). Any one of these connotations might be indicated, so bubble images must be interpreted in the larger context of the dream.

Dreams of bubbles symbolize that you are feeling light and joyous. This dream is foretelling a short but intensely joyful relationship and is a call for a spontaneous celebration of the present moment.

Symbol of the ephemeral, bubbles and soap bubbles make it clear that the sleeper is immersed in a fantasy or living beyond her means, which would entail major problems. She must therefore be wiser and enjoy reality at the level of her potential.

To see bubbles in your dream represent merriment, fun, and childhood joys.

It may also symbolize wishes or unrealistic expectations.

In deciphering this dream symbol, consider also the phrase of having your bubble burst and the resulting disappointment.

Bubble Bath

To dream that you or someone is taking a bubble bath represents ultimate relaxation.

You have rid yourself of your worries/difficulties and release all the negative emotions you have been keeping inside.

Bubble Wrap

To see or use bubble wrap in your dream indicates that there is a problem that you need to be cautious in the way you handle it.

Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are looking to shield yourself from some emotional hurt.

To dream that you are popping the bubble in the bubble wrap represents your satisfaction with the way your life is going.

You have an effective outlet to release stress.


To chew bubblegum in your dream represents your overly carefree attitude. You need to take life a little more seriously.

Mystical significance: Mystical significance:
Bubbles symbolize wishes or unrealistic expectations, as in “bursting one’s bubble.” They also show true hopes and ascendant thoughts. You want to feel lighter, more childlike, effervescent, celebratory, fun, and spontaneous. You are releasing worries, difficulties, or negative emotions. You are releasing something from your physical system, or are experiencing indigestion with gas or bloating. 

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