Dreams of a bruise symbolize that you have survived a painful experience, and that you have issues that are unhealed. Pay particular attention to the body part that is bruised.

Whether you discover a bruise you not only may be alarmed but also wish to conceal the problem! There is a peculiar vulnerability and shame associated with our dreams of skin problems, and in these dreams, there is sometimes a lack of compassion toward one’s own struggle.

To dream that you have a bruise represents stress and mounting pressure that you are dealing with in your waking life.

It may also refer to a reawakening of old, family wounds that have not been properly addressed. Alternatively, the dream is telling you that you need to accept the consequences of your actions.

Consider the symbolism of the specific part of your body that is bruised.

  • emotional injury, usually from long ago;
  • possible health issues;
  • denial of difficulties, often in relationships (to try to hide a bruise);
  • concern with outward appearances.

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