Dreams of a bowl symbolize receptivity and the ability to hold a space for someone, or for yourself. If the bowl is empty, then this dream is revealing that you are hungry for attention, energy, recognition and/or acknowledgment. If the bowl is full, then this dream represents abundance.

To see a bowl in your dream symbolizes the womb and sense of security. Consider the condition of the bowl and how it is treated or handled in the dream.

You are focusing on how much you have and need, particularly concerning nutrition and energy. A full basket or bowl represents the harvest of your labors. Emotional: An empty bowl means you feel depleted and need love and nurturance, as these symbols represent the womb.
Bowls and baskets hold abundance and the essence of soul. You may be offering your gifts to others. A begging bowl shows your faith in being provided for.

This may offer clues as to how you feel you are being treated in a particular relationship.

Fish in a bowl, pool, or aquarium typically represent aspects of the self that enjoy emotionally nourishing situations.

Wash Bowl

To see a wash bowl in your dream suggests that you are ready to was away past hurts or emotional scars that you are carrying.

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