Pleasant pursuits, honor and riches to dream of studying them.

For an author to dream of his works going to press, is a dream of caution; he will have much trouble in placing them before the public.

To dream of spending great study and time in solving some intricate subjects, and the hidden meaning of learned authors, is significant of honors well earned.

To see children at their books, denotes harmony and good conduct of the young. To dream of old books, is a warning to shun evil in any form.

Coloring Book

To see or color in a coloring book symbolizes childhood. It indicates that you have a carefree attitude, free from any responsibilities.

On the other hand, the dream may be warning you against being idle and wasting time on fruitless pursuits.

Consider the significance of the color you are using and what you are coloring.

What is depicted in the coloring book suggests that you need to be more expressive in that area.

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