Baseball in a dream can have specific symbolism tied to details about playing the game, or general symbolism of games and competition.
You may have personal experience and associations that dreams can use to build a story around.

When analyzing the game of baseball, think in terms of the “game of life” and your efforts to get ahead, both in your outer life and inner life.
Doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever played the game, your dreams can use it as symbolism.

The actions involving the baseball give it tremendous potential for use as symbolism to describe your process of inner development. First, read the entries for Ball and Circle. Now, think of the ball as a goal or target, especially for personal development, and the other details of the dream tie together with that idea.

However, you have more to consider before drawing a conclusion. Baseball can be a great metaphor for the process of becoming a complete person, but the game is rife with other metaphors and analogies, such as: ”Take a swing” means give something a try, or take a risk.

Hitting the ball with a bat can mean “making contact.” It implies meeting a goal, or hitting a target, or making social contact.

”On base” means incremental progress.

Hitting a home run can mean exceptional performance, and striking out can symbolize failure.

Throwing a ball can symbolize accuracy in hitting a target, meaning a goal or ambition, or the accuracy of thinking processes, comparisons, or assumptions.

Pitching the ball can symbolize attempts to “get one past” another person or group of people, meaning to fool or deceive, to slip by unnoticed, or get past defenses or boundaries. Now put yourself in the shoes of the batter as the ball goes past you, and think about the possibilities it presents for symbolism.

A pitch that defies the laws of physics can symbolize the feeling of unfair play. Something isn’t right. See: Voodoo.

Fear of being hit by the ball can symbolize fear of being someone’s target, especially for bullying, sarcasm, or unwanted attention.

A curveball can symbolize something tricky, difficult, or deceptive.

Stealing a base can symbolize taking advantage of a situation while someone isn’t looking, such as cheating on a test or spouse.

Notice that each of those examples is a physical representation of a personal situation.

Baseball is used as a sexual analogy. Getting on first base means hugging and kissing. Second base means copping a feel. Third base means close to having sex, but stopping short. Home run is selfexplanatory.

The bat itself can be a phallic symbol, while the ball or the ballpark can symbolize the other side of the equation.

However, a bat is also a common self-defense weapon and the symbolism depends on how it’s used in a dream—to crack a baseball or crack a bone. Both acts are comparable to situations in life.

A bat is a symbol of force and authority. In media portrayals, the person holding the bat tends to be the muscle (force) or the leader (authority). In one image the idea is conveyed.

A bat can symbolize something that batters, such as insults and emotionally charged comments.
Also consider inner dynamics such as being hard on yourself (a bat is hard) or beating yourself up.

It can symbolize something beating you down, such as stress, a heavy workload, or an abusive relationship.

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