The back area of the body is often associated with carrying burdens and things that weigh you down, such as regrets.

The back is associated with getting work done.
A strong back is meant figuratively to mean ability to carry a heavy load. For example, a man dreams he is at the gym doing back exercises such as pullups. He shows off his back muscles to people in the gym. The dream occurs after a day spent straightening up the house and working in the yard.
He feels proud of the amount of work he got done.

Injury to the back in a dream can indicate inability to carry a load, or lack of confidence. Injury can indicate a physical issue with the back that needs to be addressed.

The dream is about the teen’s struggle to handle his responsibilities and carry his burdens. The mare with a bad back symbolizes the feeling that he can’t do it; he doesn’t think he has the strength.
However, the stallion represents another side of the story. He does have the strength but doesn’t see himself that way. The dream is helping him to subconsciously tap into his inner strength by first making him aware he really does have it. He is delicate like the mare, and has the strength of the stallion—at least, the potential for it.

Something behind your back can mean it’s in the past. For example, you dream about your ex following you from behind, symbolizing that the relationship is in the past.
Anything dragged or carried behind your back can symbolize personal baggage.

Something positioned behind your back can be a way of expressing the phrase “go behind your back.” Be careful of betrayal, gossip, and sneakiness.
You might need to “watch your back.”

The back is a blind spot, so something positioned behind your back is hidden from your awareness.

The dream shows the dreamer two aspects of himself he needs to deal with. The man in front of him symbolizes anger. It’s an aspect of himself he knows about. The man behind him is an aspect of himself that’s in a personal blind spot. He is not consciously aware of it.

Turning the back toward someone or something can indicate withdrawal of care or attention, or turning away from needs. It can symbolize ostracism, rejection, or disapproval.

To be stabbed in the back is a classic sign of betrayal. Or it can symbolize stabbing pain in the back experienced while asleep.

The word “back” is loaded with possibilities for wordplays, such as “back to work,” “back of the line,” and “got your back.” Dreams can make obscure references through comparisons, so if you dream about the back or positioning behind something, consider the possibility of wordplay.

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