When decoding the symbolism of a baby in a dream, begin with the simple fact that a baby is new life. Ask yourself what’s new with you: a relationship, an idea, a feeling, a development in your character or personality?

A dream about finding a baby can symbolize finding something new within yourself, such as a burst of creativity or new wind in your sails.

A happy baby is the image of pure joy, and that too is a possibility for the symbolism. Do you feel happy just to be alive? Do you see the world with awe and wonder?

People are known to dream about babies in relation to caring for basic needs: nutrition, comfort, protection, warmth, and so on. A crying or neglected baby sums up the idea and the feelings involved.

A baby is vulnerable, and in dreams a baby left alone or neglected can symbolize being in a vulnerable state. It implies the need to create a safe and stable space to live in, or a basic routine of care and attention. Most dream-characters connect with your inner life. A vulnerable baby might symbolize a need to protect yourself emotionally and psychologically. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

If you don’t do it, something else might just step in and take over your life, namely, an archetype such as shadow or anima. A dream can express this idea as a bad person holding a baby captive.

Kidnapping a baby can have similar meaning of helplessness against something much more powerful. At its simplest, it means something important is being taken, and what’s more important than your freedom and independence?

A baby can symbolize a sense of being entitled to have someone else take care of your needs.
Fussy babies, pacifiers, and highchairs are good symbols for childish fussiness or entitlement.
The baby sticks out in that setting so it must be symbolism unless you really do have a coworker who brings his or her baby to work.

For women who can bear children, the first thought after dreaming about having a baby is often, Oh, shit, does this mean I’m pregnant? It’s possible, yes, but less likely than pregnancy being symbolism.

If the thought of having a baby has been on your mind, it’s likely to be expressed in your dreams. Dreaming about a baby can be a way of saying you can start preparing. You can find the right work, mate, or living situation. You can prepare your body, save money, and get maternity coverage.

Your reaction during the dream shows how you really feel about the idea of having a baby.

People who believe they don’t want children, swearing it will never happen, are known to change their minds after holding their “dream” baby in their arms. It’s an incredibly realistic experience that demands an honest response. They feel, smell, and hear their baby and even know its name. Then again, dreams can affirm a person’s decision to not have children.

Dreams can address decisions parents make about having more children. For example, a mother dreams about three dead fetuses connected by a string dropping out of her uterus while riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle.

The fetuses symbolize children she can’t have, now that her tubes are tied. Her hope was to have more children, but her husband doesn’t want to and he influenced her to have the procedure done. The dream shows her on the back of his motorcycle because he controlled the decision to make sure she’d never again get pregnant.

Parents dream about the care of their children and the responsibilities of parenthood. It’s particularly common for parents of young children to have anxiety dreams, often involving scenes of their children harmed or in danger. It’s usually just an exaggerated reflection of a parent’s diligence and concerns.

Gruesome dreams involving babies hurt or killed can connect with fears, anxieties, emotional turmoil, and treacherous life conditions. Don’t take it literally when you have such a dream, but do take it as a sign that something really needs to change. In most cases, it’s a sign that the highly sensitive and vulnerable parts of yourself are going through the meat grinder.

Babies are immature, and the idea of immaturity extends beyond behavior to mean underdeveloped.

In the image of the baby in your dream, you see something that will grow and develop if you put the time into it.

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