To dream that you are an object of admiration, denotes that you will retain the love of former associates, though your position will take you above their circle.

Feeling Admiration in Dreams

Feeling good about yourself; recognising things about yourself you may have overlooked; positive self-image; confidence.

On the other hand it might be a compensatory dream expressing the need to be admired due to your low self esteem.

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Admiring Someone Else

This may be a straight forward awareness of your feelings about that person or a recognition of those qualities in yourself.

It might be a sign of personal success and confidence; probably indicating qualities in the person you either have yourself but may not be recognising, or else qualities you would like or need to have.

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Coveting In Your Dream

This dream indicates you will empower yourself spiritually, good events will surround you and good people encourage and support you to overcome difficulties, these positive developments and high energy and great motivations will enlighten you.

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