In simplest terms, to abort means to stop. In a dream it can indicate that something has been, or needs to be, aborted: a plan, relationship, idea, thought process.

Dreams like to make comparisons and visual wordplays, so abortion in a dream can symbolize something like canceling a date or backing out of a commitment. It’s aborted.

Abortion can mean something is blocking progress or causing harm and needs to stop. Danger lurks. Stop now before things get worse.

When a sense of relief accompanies an abortion, it can mean something ended that was causing concern or anxiety.
An accidental pregnancy is sometimes a problem, so an abortion can symbolize a solution.
Whatever is aborted needs to go. Time to let go or change direction.

Abortion can symbolize rejecting something trying to psychologically or emotionally burrow into you, as a fertilized egg burrows into the uterine wall.

Abortion implies not getting the result you want. Maybe you took a risk or tried something new, and it didn’t work out.
It implies starting over, trying again.

Dreams can create symbolism related to the controversy of abortion and how it sharply divides people. For example, a woman dreams that her niece is pregnant and wants to have an abortion, creating a huge controversy in the family. In reality, her niece wants to drop out of college, and that’s what’s causing the controversy. Abortion connects with the overall circumstances because getting pregnant is a reason that some women drop out of school.

Abortion protesters might symbolize feeling like you are on the other side of an important issue, or feel divided from a group. If you have had an abortion and dream about it, you could be working through unresolved feelings or issues related to it. It can mean you fear getting pregnant, or making a big mistake. Dreaming about an abortion when you’re actually pregnant can express fear of miscarriage.

Being forced to have an abortion in a dream can symbolize doing something against your will, such as end a relationship or give up on an idea, or being prevented from doing something that you want to do. It can symbolize fear that you won’t be able to follow through on something important to you.

Dreaming that a friend or relative has an abortion can indicate that something unhealthy about the relationship needs to end, or you have a low opinion of the person.

Dreaming about a pregnant female you know having an abortion can symbolize fear that the person will miscarry, or is not ready to be a parent.

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy.

For a married, monogamous woman, an abortion can reflect concerns for her husband. If she was supposedly pregnant, the child would be expected to be his, so an abortion can indicate concerns about his well-being or the state of their marriage. The symbolism is built around the idea that her husband is not ready to be a father. The idea extends to significant others and boyfriends.

Someone married and having an affair can dream about an abortion as a way of expressing fear about getting caught. Getting pregnant, or getting someone pregnant, is hard to hide.

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